10 Commitments: #2 – Safety Freeze

Continuing our discussion of the 10 Commitments. Today we hit #2.


  1. No Shortcuts

    We will teach you the safe way, provide you safe equipment, fix it when it breaks. Do it right and safe.

  2. Safety Freeze

    Watch out for others, guide and teach “rookies,” hold others accountable for safe practices.

    The thought here is to emphasize that when it comes to safety, we are only as good as the weakest teammate. It is not enough to make a personal commitment to be safe and leave it to others to make their own choice. We need to be mindful of those around us who may not “know better” and take action to help when we see behavior which may get them injured. We also can’t ignore people who blatantly ignore the safety procedures. This commitment says it is up to each one of us to confront unsafe behavior, report unsafe conditions and to “freeze” activities around us until everybody around us is conforming.

    I heard about a plant some years ago which put a horn on the assembly line. To ensure quality and safety, any team member (no matter the rank) had the ability to pull a rope and sound the alarm when they observed poor quality or unsafe behavior. Upon sounding the alarm, everything stopped until the issue was addressed.

    While we don’t have the horn in every plant, this commitment of “safety freeze” is intended to communicate the same kind of right and responsibility. When you see unsafe conditions or behavior, you have the right to see it addressed immediately. You also have the responsibility.

  3. On Time and Quick Start

    Be there, start timely.

  4. Work Smart – Technique and Consistency

    Learn the right techniques and work at a consistent pace.

  5. Work Hard – Strength and Speed

    Build endurance and push for faster production.

  6. Teamwork

    Teammates support, cooperate, encourage and motivate each others. Be a good team member.

  7. “Customer Quality”

    Know your customer and exceed their expectations.

  8. 100% Uptime

    Learn to understand your tools and machines. Maintain them. Report little things before they become big.

  9. Lean and Clean

    To run lean, we must have good housekeeping. Keep your area clean.

  10. Better or Worse?

    If you are not moving toward excellence, you are drifting toward mediocrity.