Leadership isn’t for the select few at the top. In highly effective organizations, there are leaders at every level. David Marquet

Are we highly effective?

I believe in the quote above.

All of us are smarter than one of us. Given any specific problem or situation, the chances are that the person with the title isn’t the best person to decide.

I’m the CEO. I know very little about machinery. I’m not the best at techniques for building pallets. I could go on about the things I don’t know.

But, here’s the point: my job isn’t to be the expert in all things. If anything, my job is to make sure that the questions are well defined and that everyone are informed on the issues can have a chance to weigh in on the decisions made and actions chosen.

If we are highly effective, a number of things will be true:

  1. You feel free to speak up.
  2. If you speak up, you believe that your opinion will matter and be considered.
  3. Your efforts to leadership are welcomed.

If you see waste occurring speak up.

If you see unsafe circumstances, speak up. Let’s correct it.

If you think you see a better way to do something, raise your hand and suggest it.

In effective organizations, leaders step up when the situation is right for them. Titles don’t matter. Solutions do.