A Life of Satisfaction

Pastor Rick Warren is teaching a series on happiness. You could substitute other words for happiness: effective or satisfied, for instance. But, conducting yourself in a fashion to be happy, satisfied or effective calls for excellent habits being developed and used.

He said satisfied people care for others more than themselves. The joy of helping and teaching others – making a difference – produces greater joy.

He said satisfied people are cooperative. They readily join teams and take joy in team victories and progress.

Satisfied people are courageous. They have learned no significant achievements are accomplished without risk and uncertainty. They act courageously and follow courage.

Satisfied people are consistent. They are on time. They are predictable as related to honoring commitments. They are honest in their words and actions.

To be known as someone who cares, who is counted on as consistent, who will act with courage and cooperate as a teammate is a sound reputation. I can see how it makes for a life of satisfaction.