I’m a day late on a Mother’s Day salute, but this made me chuckle because it’s true.

Coach Krzyzewski, Hall of Famer, said:

“Be as tough as your mothers. They show up every day.”

It caused me to think about all the tough mothers I know. So many who work. So many are doing the parenting alone. So many have deep ambitions for their children and work hard to fulfill them. So many who have many days in with many more to go, yet they hustle every day like it’s the only day.

To tough mothers everywhere. We salute you! I know my world would be different without my tough mother. I know countless kids who have benefited from the tough mother to whom I’m married. I like what I see in the tough mothers my daughters are. I work with a bunch of you tough mothers as well.

To all you tough Mothers out there, we salute you!