A Plan for Responding to Adversity

I heard a talk by a woman named Jane McGonigal. She was giving advice on becoming resilient in the face of adversity.

Here’s the trick. You don’t muster resilience when you need it. You have a plan to be resilient based on the understanding that no one passes through life without difficulty. Thus, you craft a strategy for responding to adversity before the adversity shows up. Here are four ideas McGonigal has:

  1. “Boost your physical resilience by not standing still.” It helps resilience to have physical endurance. In the midst of trial, keep moving if you can. The energy and endorphins created by exercise keep you going.
  2. “Attack a challenge without giving up by attacking tiny goals to boost your willpower.” When the challenge seems overwhelming, you muster will by setting small goals and attacking them. It’s how you establish momentum.
  3. “Evoke emotional thoughts. 3:1 ratio. Positive to negative emotions.” What are you thinking and saying to yourself? Fears and negative thoughts will cause you to falter. Be aware of your attitude, what you are saying. Be positive. Don’t dwell on the negative.
  4. “Be socially resilient through touch and gratitude.” Hug. Hold hands. Speak words of thanks and appreciation. It creates a positive vibe.

Resilience doesn’t occur by mistake.