Are You A Pro?

In his book “The War of Art”, Steven Pressfield describes how people overcome complacency and procrastination to achieve their goals and objectives.

He says those that win do so by “turning pro.”

“Pros” play for keeps, says Pressfield. They understand that there’s something at stake every time they take up their tools.

You know a “pro” when you see him, says Pressfield.

They show up every day.

In fact, they show up no matter what. They manage their lives in a way they can be depended upon.

They stay on the job. They are where they are supposed to be and doing their job.

A pro is committed. They demonstrate that commitment with ideas, assistance, “extra mile” effort.

A pro is refining his techniques and honing his craft. He understands that his job contributes value and strives to add more value as time and experience allows.

Pros bring the juice every day. They are trusted teammates. They leave a hole when they aren’t around.

Are you a pro?