Are you better today than the beginning of the year?

How are you better today on July 31st than you were at the beginning of the year?

Did you create any new habits?

Did you ditch any bad ones?

Read any books? Learn anything new?

Conceive and start a project?

Help the team in new ways?

Work hard to maintain you skills and endurance so that you could continue elite performance rather than slip back?

Make a difference in someone else’s life?

Do something to make you healthy? Lose weight? Ditch nicotine? Improve your measurements?

Heard a champion golfer Webb Simpson tell about advice that changed his life. He had a golf coach tell him: “As long as you improve a little bit every day, the results will take care of itself.”

So, do you like where you are? What’s your “get better” resume look like?

If you aren’t working to get better, you’re getting worse.