How much of your time do you devote to development?

Development happens in multiple dimensions.

You can develop:

  • Spiritually – by taking time to meditate or pray. By reading spiritually enriching books.
  • Physically – by undertaking an exercise program designed to build endurance and strength. Combine it with an exercise program to create the right balance of health measurements designed to extend your capabilities, and you’re cooking with gas.
  • Emotionally – by identifying attributes such as patience, kindness, humility, and contentment to add to your approach or target critical relationships you want to fortify.
  • Intellectually – by reading more, listening to podcasts, replacing gaming with courses on YouTube, or working with others to learn some skills you haven’t mastered.
  • Professionally – by having constant goals at work. Team goals for productivity, quality, or safety. Personal goals for productivity or skill development.

The arenas for development vary, but it all starts with having a plan and taking the time.