Merry Christmas

I’ve been saying “Merry Christmas” with purpose this year. My faith is rooted in the birthday of Jesus. I determined this year to not default to a cursory Merry Christmas, a seasonal substitute for “have a good day” as I move on. Instead, I’ve been striving for a bit more connection. This year, when I […]

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Growth Comes from Being in a “Low” Place

I was listening to a sermon this morning. Pastor Matt Hudson of Journey Church in Mocksville had a guest speaker, Mary Hendrix, with him. Mary had learned twelve weeks earlier that she had a brain tumor. She was describing how her faith was sustaining her. The whole message was chock-full of wisdom. If you would […]

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Scrutinize the Reports You Receive

Here’s a lean exercise for you. Many of us get reports via email or by paper on our desk. Do you look at them? Why or why not? I was in a meeting recently where I made reference to a report I was looking at regularly. Immediately, someone told me, “That report doesn’t tell the […]

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Speak Up with an Idea or Solution

I was visiting with a colleague today who was telling me about some consulting work that he had been doing. He had come across a firm who studies how ideas are developed and used within an organization. One thing he shared I have found to be true. The best ideas have nothing to do with […]

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