Be an inspiration to your teammates

Had a chance to visit an employee orientation today. Speaking with new employees is one of my favorite things. 

Our company is a place where commitment, ambition and teamwork can cause you to succeed. 

What’s important about that statement is commitment, ambition and teamwork can happen no matter your record, your education or your IQ.

You can be committed to taking your job, learn about it every day, get better at it every day. I assure you that we will notice.

You can state your ambition here.  Want to be the boss? Want to drive a truck? Want to be a mechanic? Want to work in the office? Want to learn how to operate special equipment? Speak up. Nominate yourself. We would be dumb to ignore ambition. 

Attitude and effort go a long way here. Be an inspiration to your teammates. Point out skills we may not see that you have. Be willing to standout with your level of service and reliability. You can move ahead.