Be Mindful Of Choices

I watched Alabama football coach Nick Saban interviewed by David Feherty.

Saban is known for being one of the most intense, disciplined, organized coaches in the game. The way he coaches has been termed “The Process”.

In describing how the process was developed, he said this:

“There are always things you want to do that you shouldn’t do. And, then there are things you should do that you don’t want to do.” According to Saban, the process is about getting the team to choose the right things to do.

“You have 100% control of the choices you make. You have 0% control of the consequences.”

In other words, our choices are going to create consequences. Some we can predict. Others we don’t see coming. But, there will be consequences nonetheless.

Choices are like bullets. Once you pull the trigger, the bullet isn’t coming back. It’s going to hit what it hits. No chance to recover.

Saban is saying we should be constantly working on our ability to choose. We should be intentional. Mindful about the results we hope to achieve. Mindful about the results our choices may cause.

Our mindfulness makes us better choosers. Better choices can elicit more desirable consequences.

100% control of choices. 0% control of consequences. Whatever consequences we deal with are results of choices in our rear view mirror. There is no virtue on regret, shame or second guessing. There are only more choices to make.

Choices made deliberately.

Choices made informed by choices that have been made before and consequences experienced before.

Choices made with a clear mind. On purpose.

That’s how “The Process” works. Be mindful of choices. Choose well.