Be Really Good Every Day At All The Things That Don’t Take Talent

“Be really good every day at all the things that don’t take talent.” – Bo Ryan, former Wisconsin basketball coach

As we start the work week, it would serve us each well to consider Ryan’s advice.

What doesn’t take talent?

Be safe. It starts with your personal commitment to follow safe procedures.

Be punctual. Show up. Every day. Every shift. After every break. All hands on deck are essential for any team to perform best.

Try hard. You absolutely control your effort. You’re the only one who knows if you’re trying as hard as possible. Don’t compromise on your effort.

Team up. Be a good teammate. Offer encouraging words. Show new folks the ropes. Be alert to unsafe situations and watch your teammates back. Help anyway you can.

Communicate. Suggest. Spot issues and report. Be candid. Teach.

How well you do the things that don’t require talent reveals character. I think it also makes the difference in winning.