I believe “you’re getting better or you’re getting worse.”

No such thing as status quo. If you try to just stay the same, you slip. We gain when we reach. When we compete. When we learn.

The same idea applies to safety.

If we aren’t trying to be safe, we are edging toward injury.

Every time you choose an unsafe behavior as compared to a safe one, you’re setting yourself up for something happening we could have prevented.

We’re striving to get you to consider moving safety to the head of your list. When you’re in our facilities, we want safety to be among your top considerations.

Safety goes along with productivity. You’re never being more productive when you sacrifice safety.

Safety goes along with intelligence. You’re never being as smart as you can be when you sacrifice safety.

Safety goes along with compassion and care. Unsafe behavior has a chance to hurt the people who are most important to you. Be safe.

If you aren’t safe, you are worse.