Being a Strong Teammate

I like watching the postgame interviews of the great championship games. There are tidbits from coaches and players that underscore what it takes to develop a winning team.

One interview snippet that caught my attention was from Jameis Winston, the Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner who led his team to a deciding touchdown in the last minute of the game.

He recounted what he said to the team as they huddled 80 yards away from the touchdown. He said that a teacher, Kevin Elko, had led a devotion with the team. He advised them in times of challenge to ask their teammates: “Are you strong?”

So, Winston said that is what he did. He asked his teammates: “Are you strong?” He said his teammates responded back to him: “We are strong if you are strong.” His reply: “Well, we are strong then.” They went out and scored the touchdown to win.

Teams are strongest when each team member can draw strength from the rest of his team.

Strong teammates give a full effort.

Strong teammates know their jobs and are committed to doing them.

Strong teammates have established a reputation for being accountable. They have a record of performance that inspires confidence.

Strong teammates are invested fully in the goals of the team.

There’s a lot wrapped up in the statement that says: “I’m strong if you’re strong.” It means that I can focus on what I have to do for the good of the team and not worry about anything or anybody reaching out to hurt the effort. It means that I trust you.