Being “Doing Oriented” and Exceeding Expectations

Leadership expert and church communicator Andy Stanley says one of the best interview questions he asks is: “What have you done?”

He says people with a bias for action can readily describe things they have done. He thinks being “doing” oriented is a predictor of success.

Today, one of our colleagues at Sunbelt, Jason Blackwelder, was describing how he approaches his job. He said: “What makes me sleep well at night is when I know I’ve done my job and been able to help two or three others do their job too. I try to do more than is expected of me.”

Once someone gets acquainted with the satisfaction of exceeding expectations, my experience is that they rarely slip back. When you are asked what you’ve done and you can answer back, “I’ve developed a reputation for regularly exceeding my boss’s expectations for me,” that tells you something.

We have a bunch of those kinds of teammates. It makes us stronger.