Do your job…and a little more!

You’re getting better or you’re getting worse!

So what’s your standard? Getting your job done is a good start. Knowing what you contribute, and why you matter, is a good start.

Can you describe that to others? If you don’t do your job, what suffers? How do we fail? It’s important to consider. There’s nothing insignificant about what you do.

But what if your standard is to do your job and then some? What if we all determine we will be better than average?

We have way over 2,000 people working to make pallets for us every day. When we don’t do our job:

  • Someone can get hurt
  • Our quality suffers
  • Our equipment breaks down

Run through the tape. Finish with a push. Reach a little more.

We get a little better every day. Stretch a little further. We will be elite!