My wife and I love to encourage athletic teams in our community.  We both had the experience growing up of being team members, and the experience yields results long after we are able to compete.  

I was exposed years ago to a development model describing how young people can develop into positive, contributing adults.  

The model lists five C’s: Connection, Character, Confidence, Competence, and Caring.  

The idea is that in the course of maturing, one should have the opportunity to develop those five C’s.  We think athletic teams are a great place for that.  We support teams where we see that taking place.  

In our effort to be one of the best places to work, our efforts support the five C’s.  

Connect. Helping teammates be connected to our company is a key to our success.  Every one of us works in small teams.  It’s important that we get to know each other, support each other, teach each other and trust each other.  

Disconnected teams are less effective.  Period.  What role do you accept in building connections on your team?  What satisfaction do you derive from being connected to your team?   

It’s a simple truth:  People who aren’t connected won’t stay.  If you lead well, you will be a force for connection.