Clarksville Team

I spent the day discussing the integration of the new Clarksville facility into PalletOne.

There are many challenges. We’ve had more than a dozen folks on site there since the merger occurred.

As a “standard setter” in our industry, you can imagine what an effort it is to teach what we expect in terms of safety, engagement, maintenance, operations and housekeeping. We appreciate the willing and responsive efforts of the Clarksville team.

The strain of taking people away from their regular jobs to support this new facility is real. Adjustments are made every place to keep the “home fires” burning while the “regulars” are away. I appreciate the contributions that are being made.

Also, I want to tip my hat to the New Boston team. We had to shift production from Clarksville while integration adjustments are being made. They effectively have doubled production over night to meet the customer needs.

Such a ramp up takes effective leadership, unselfish teamwork, agile flexibility and long hours. They deserve our gratitude and admiration.