Consider a Twitter Account

Are you familiar with Twitter?

I’ve become addicted to it. Rather than read a bunch of newspapers and magazines like I once did, I have created a list of people who generate news, opinion and other content I find interesting.

As they produce new stuff they “tweet” it and provide a link to find it on the internet. As they find new stuff, they will “retweet” it and share it. The assumption is that if you like them enough to be interested in their original tweets, you will also like what interests them.

At this point, I follow sportswriters, preachers, business experts, movie stars, country artists, news hosts, coaches, authors, friends and family. Shoot, all the guys on Duck Dynasty tweet.

Here’s my point: I don’t personally retweet because I don’t have a bunch of people who read my tweets. That being said, I read stuff all the time that is relevant to what we do. If I knew all of you had a Twitter account and were looking at it, I would retweet more.

So, consider getting a Twitter account. If you have a smart phone, you can download a Twitter app for free and get started. You can also find Twitter on the internet and get started that way.

It’s a cool way to share information. I spend a greater portion of my media-reading time on Twitter but I’ve cut down on reading in the traditional sense as well as reduced internet time. I think it’s a good trade off.

My Twitter is @hoqwjr. Follow me.