Develop Learning Strategies and Use Them

What are you learning? Do you have a plan for learning?

Leaders are learners. Because they value learning, they have methods to enhance their learning. They are intentional about it.

I was reading about doctor training this week. The predicament for doctors is that the development of treating methods and the advancements in medicine come so fast that what you work to know this year may be obsolete in two years.

Thus, to become a doctor is to agree to engage in intensive learning for the rest of your life.

So, while skills must be taught in medical schools, it is also important to train doctors how to collaborate, problem solve and research the sea of data.

Doctors are known for their egos. In this day and time, better that you have a doctor who has faith he can find the answer as compared to one who is arrogant enough to believe he always knows the answer.

Develop learning strategies and use them.