Don’t get stuck. ADAPT!

Still thinking about managing transitions (wanted or unwanted):

Activate Commitment

Develop Resources

Adjust Expectations

Prioritize Action


As you complete a transition, you transform.

Whether an organization or an individual, transitions create transformations.

Every transition creates change.

You get better or you get worse.

You learn things. Develop new capabilities. Grow your pool of resources.

You create new habits and routines.

Your concept of what is possible or what can be achieved expands.

You learn what to embrace and what to avoid.

Lessons are learned. Your identity changes.

We can all look-back and see that we were once something but now we’re something else.

At the end of the day whether you choose it or not- whether you wanted it or not- the transformation occurs.

The important thing to know is that if you remain aware of the process of ADAPT, you will get the most out of every transition that you encounter.

If you become an expert at the process of ADAPT, change will not phase you. You will lean in with courage and confidence. You will become all you can be

Don’t get stuck. ADAPT!