Double your chances!

I heard an expert today from the Gallup organization, a leading polling group. His name is Brandon Busteed.

Among the topics Gallup polls people about is quality of life. Their method is to ask dozens of questions, compare the answers to the results actually achieved by the respondents and identify the questions and answers which predict the reliable results.

Busteed shared the question when answered 5 on a scale of 5 that predicted well being and satisfaction.

“I learn to do something interesting each day.”

If you can say “yes”, 5 on a scale with 5 meaning I strongly agree, that l learn or do something “new” each day, you double your chances of having a better life.

Double your chances!

So, that begs some questions.

Do I start each day with learning/doing something new as an objective?

How often do I achieve that goal?

How can I build that habit into my schedule?

Bottom line is that regular learning and skill development is a “win-win” strategy. Your life is better for doing it. Your ability to “happen to the world” is greatly enhanced. You become a force for good.