Dynamics Of A Winning Team

Do you feel like a winner today?

Did your team hit its goals?  Did you make progress?

Rosabeth Moss Kanter studied teams that win and teams that lose.  She founds winning teams have some advantages over losing teams. 

Here they are:

1. Winning teams have a better attitude than a losing one.

2. Winning teams enjoy hanging out with each other more than losing ones.

3. Winning teams are more open to constructive criticism than losing one’s because they are confident in their ability to win; they are more open to other ways they can improve.

4. Winning teams are more focused.  Losing causes distractions and finger pointing.  Winning teams stay focused on the task.

5. Winning teams have a positive culture of respect.  To win consistently, teammates display skill and prove accountable.  Such behavior breeds a respect amongst teammates.

6. Winning teams create structures of support.  In other words, winning is admired.  Admiring people find ways to join aboard.  The structures of support strengthen as you win.

7.  Winning provides continuity.  As teams win, they desire to stick together.  As teams lose, they begin to break up, try new players, and try new leaders.

All this seems fairly obvious but, if you find yourself in a turnaround situation, where people are used to losing as compared to winning, it is important to understand these dynamics. 

With a turnaround team, start small.  Create opportunities for quick wins.  It improves the attitude.  Celebrate the wins.  It feels good hanging out with folks celebrating a win.  Take advantage of the good mind set by discussing ways in which we can get to the next level.  When you are in a good mood, you are more willing to hear it.  Communicate your admiration and respect for the progress.

It makes sense.  Keep on winning out there.