Effective Leader

If you are to be an effective leader, you will develop the ability to give feedback. Presenting feedback in a way that is constructive is a learned skill. It takes practice.

Effective feedback is kind. It is easy to notice when someone is off key and say so: “that sounds horrible.” It takes some thought and creativity to coax someone to a better key. Kindness helps avoid defensiveness.

Effective feedback is supportive. It encourages effort. It notes progress. It provides suggestions for improvement.

Effective feedback demands accountability. If you take the time to give feedback, you should commit to following it up.

The more we practice feedback, the more effective we become delivering it.

The more effective our delivery, the more comfortable we are at delivering it and will do it more frequently.

The greater the frequency of good feedback,  the faster we all improve.

Fast improvement transforms organizations. How good is your feedback?