Three areas to monitor every day:

  • Motivation level
  • Concentration level
  • Confidence level

-Shaka Smart

Shaka Smart coach’s college basketball.  He recruits players for one to four years.  His goal is to increase their skill and ability as individuals as well as creates an environment where they combine as a team to win more than they lose.

So, he wants to get the most out of them while he has them.

So, it’s a helpful insight to see where he focuses his attention while developing them.

Motivation – Are the players into what they are doing?  Are they demonstrating the effort and desire to push for the goals?

Concentration – Assuming motivation is right, is the mental concentration good?  Are the players focused in practice?  Do they pay attention when knowledge is shared?  Are they in the present and now when they are working?  Concentration is a skill.  He checks to make sure the players’ minds are with him.

Confidence – The leader must be mindful of confidence.  When a coach is huddled with his team, he’s talking strategy, but he’s also searching the eyes of the players.  Whose ready to perform?  Who believes the job can be performed?  Who should get the assignment?

Good checklist for leaders.  It’s a guide to where attention must be paid.

Good checklist for players.  Motivation boils up from the heart.  Concentration is a focus choice. Confidence comes from preparation.