“The elite organize themselves around being tested every day.” Michael Gervais 

Gervais is a performance coach who works with elite athletes.  He has unique insight into what it takes to win the Super Bowl or gold medals.  

Do you identify as elite?  Elite means you perform better than average.  Elite means you are rare when compared to others.  

Gervais says the elite take tests every day.  When they work out, they try to find their limits.  They make the minutes count.  They are conscious of a standard.  They are stretching to meet it.  

When he says they “organize” themselves around being tested, he means they schedule the test at the beginning of the day.  They say to themselves, “Today, I’m going to do this thing and hit a number.  Or learn a skill.  Or try something I haven’t conquered yet.  Or do something that’s part of my plan to become elite.” 

Elite is their full-time job, and they organize around it.  

Elite isn’t for everyone.  That’s why they are elite.  But it occurs to me that we each can supply the word we seek.  

Excellent.  Competent.  Capable.  Good parent.  Good spouse.  Good teammate.  Professional.  Safe.  Tour ready.  

The organized have a chance to become who they want to be because they plan to do it.  

The ordinary. The underachiever falls short.