Emotional Intelligence Quotient?

How high is your “Emotional Intelligence Quotient”? EQ is the people side of IQ (intelligence quotient). If people with high IQ do math better or are better scientists, people with EQ seem to have more command of themselves and relate better with others.

Once upon a time, IQ was one of the most common measurements used to predict how someone might perform. The concept of EQ has broadened the evaluation criteria. More often now folks are evaluated by how well people impact the others they interact with as well as what grades they made on the report card.

People with a high EQ are self-aware. They know what makes them tick and what ticks them off. They have a feel how their moods affect performance.

People with EQ read others well. They see what is effective and not effective. They have the ability to adjust their own ability so they can be more effective as teammates and leaders. This ability to adjust, to change and to develop new abilities distinguishes someone with high EQ.

The person with EQ is at his best when they can boost the moods of the people in the room. They seem to be able to know the right thing to say. They seem to know the right thing to do. They seem to be one who makes a difference.

Here’s what is interesting about EQ. You can make yours grow. It takes practice. You got to be able to review your interactions and discern whether they hit the mark. You have to be willing to hear feedback both good and bad. You have to be willing to try on new ways to work with people and work through the learning curve.

EQ is the grease that makes us move along. Use this note as a point of discussion with someone who knows you well. Invite them to give you feedback. You may learn something that helps you grow.