Where do you derive “energy?”

Entropy is a concept I read about in Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Integrity.

He says that the second law of physics deals with entropy. When a system is left to its own resources, it will cease to grow.  If a system isn’t growing, it will begin to die.  It will break down over time.

Have you ever walked into an old shed and observed the tools left behind?  They are rusted.  Tires have lost air.  Materials crumble at your touch.  Tools left alone decay.  That’s entropy.

Cloud says entropy applies to humans as well.  If you don’t have a plan to grow, you will decline.  Entropy will set in.

Growth comes from adding energy.

Energy comes from reading.  New ideas inform our intellect and get stockpiled.  They become a source of energy when we try to add them to our daily approach to work.

Energy comes from learning from others.  You know what you know.  Others can add to your knowledge base as they teach you, train you, or inform you.  Having a healthy dose of “others” in your life adds energy.

Our body, when rejuvenated by good sleep and regular exercise, renews and freshens our energy.

You get the idea. Be active in acquiring energy in your life.  Keep growth as a priority.