Exponential Innovation

Limited Resources + Increasing Passion = Exponential Innovation

Craig Groeschel

 This quote made me think of the inventive people in our organization. 

 There are companies that have more resources than ours. While we have investors, we have also borrowed some money to run our business. Most of the money we earn goes to paying off that debt. 

 Consequently, we are limited in what we can spend on equipment and advancement. We study and consider the best ways to reinvest. Some projects don’t get funded. 

 Nevertheless, we have people who get creative. Time after time, I’ll visit a plant and someone will show me a new line or a new process where some old equipment that has been out of service was combined with a few new parts to do something quicker, safer or different. 

 It would be easy to see a lack of resources as a reason to just sit on the sidelines. I’m grateful for all of you who approach issues with an open mind and create something out of virtually nothing. 

 That’s happening to the world!