Good Life Bucket List

Are you living a good life? I ran across a podcast called The Good Life Project. The host of the podcast is an author and speaker named Jonathan Fields. He compiles stories and research about how the mind works and how people do things to improve the quality of life. Fields is careful to distinguish that “good” doesn’t mean a life that is “happy,” “rich,” or “easy.” In a recent podcast, he describes a “good” life as one that flows from three buckets. Bucket 1 is “VITALITY.” Fields says “vital” people are active ones. You are “vital” when you place a premium on your physical health. As you might expect, vitality doesn’t flow from bad habits. Vital people have a life marked by movement and exercise. They mind their body by eating well, sleeping well and have a plan to build vitality. Bucket 2 is “CONNECTION.” A good life is not an isolated one. It is marked by high quality relationships we maintain with friends and family. It is distinguished by the communities in which we engage. When you review your “good” life, it will be marked by chapters of teams on which you were a part, by organizations in which you participated that added to the quality of your life and people who caused your life to be different whether they were family, friends or colleagues. Bucket 3 is “CONTRIBUTION.” Our good “life” will be created by making a difference wherever we go. Our friendship matters. Our thoughts contribute to better results. Our competence contributes to achieving goals. We were there when needs were apparent and helped fulfill them. A “good life” comes from personal contributions to making the world around us better. Are you leading a good life? If not, what bucket should you work on filling? tags: bucket list, good life, vitality, connection, contribution,