Grateful for 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

I was completely surprised and overwhelmed by a celebration of my 30-year anniversary at a leadership training event in Columbus, Georgia, on Friday.

In front of 50 of our colleagues, Bridget Kennedy-Hull told me of an elaborate celebration which involved “hijacking” the HQ Blog at where many folks stopped to write me. Your words of affirmation and love on the 30-year milepost of my career in pallets deeply moved me.

My time in our enterprise has been a special run during which I have been enriched spiritually, emotionally and materially. There is no way that my contribution has warranted the blessing I have received. God calls that Grace.

I am grateful to those who organized the celebration: Bridget, Jen Daniels, Stephanie Reese, Richard Noyola, Frances Shanks and the IT team. I am grateful for your kind words and thoughts. I’m looking forward to the years ahead.