Grateful For Heroes This Memorial Day

I was listening to a talk yesterday by a pastor, Bill Hybels. He observed that we don’t get to choose where we are born.

He went on. Some of us are born into a “resourced” world like the United States and others are born into an “under resourced” world like Rwanda. The talk was about stewardship and generosity. His idea was that if you are privileged to have resources, you should share with the under resourced.

I got stuck on how fortunate I am to be in a “resourced” environment. My blessings abound. Too many to recount. Might sound like I’m bragging.

But, I stepped further to think about how fortunate I am to be an American celebrating Memorial Day.

It seems to me that amongst our greatest resources is that we are part of a nation where people choose to be heroes. They sign up for military service and fight to protect our freedom.

That kind of community – one laying down their lives for others – is distinctive. Many nations don’t care for others. For some, it’s because they don’t have the means. For others, it’s because they don’t have the heart.

Many of us will hang a flag out this weekend to salute the many who gave their lives so that those remaining might enjoy the “resources” their heroism protected and created.

I don’t know about you but reflecting on that sacrifice just makes me grateful. I know that gratitude will form the basis of my joy in the weekend ahead. I hope you and your family enjoy Memorial Day as well.