Habits and Choices that support your goal.

The next time that New England quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady  runs on a football field, he will be 40 years old.

I listened to Peter King interview him about how he is able to play at such a high level at an advanced age. You can listen to his detailed explanation here:

But here’s what I got of his explanation. He has studied physiology and nutrition. He maintains a diet that reduces inflammation in his body. He maintains a workout regimen which keeps his muscles stretched and long. He does this without fail. Every day, every week, every year.

He has built habits which support this effort.

When there are opportunities to make a choice about doing one thing or another, he makes the choice that supports the goal of continuing his career as a pro quarterback.

Habits that support your goal.

Choices that support your goal.

Work backwards a little bit. If you could identify one thing that you would strive to accomplish, what would it be?

Now, take an inventory. What are your daily habits? Do those habits support your ambition? Which ones need to go? Which habits would benefit your goal?

Continue the inventory. Look back at the many decisions you’ve made in the last hours. Which decisions did you make that support your ambition? How about ones that don’t support it?

It takes effort to create good habits. It takes energy to be mindful of choices.

Brady’s greatness comes from his ability to create useful habits, the energy to make great choices and the discipline to do it for a long time.

He has played more football than any other quarterback. His mastery of his craft has grown.

So, how about your habits? How about your choices?