From time to time, I’ll make a decision, reflect upon it later and wonder to myself, “What was I thinking?”

A human behavior specialist offers some potential advice. She says we should use the HALT method to assess whether our mind is in the right place to make decisions.

  • ‘H’ stands for hungry.Apparently, being “hangry” is a thing. Your blood sugar can get low if you haven’t eaten, affecting your decision-making.
  • ‘A’ stands for angry.I learned long ago that being fired up doesn’t help decision-making. When you’re angry, take a pause before addressing a situation that caused the emotion. Your perspective is skewed when you’re emotional. Hold off until later.
  • ‘L’ stands for lonely.Isolation limits your frame of reference. Feedback and coaching before and through a difficult decision can be a powerful addition.
  • ‘T’ stands for tired.Fatigue impairs us. Making big decisions is best with a clear head.

Remember to take stock of your body and your mind when deciding things. If you can, HALT before proceeding when you aren’t at full speed.