Happy Birthday PalletOne!

Tomorrow PalletOne is 12 years old.

 We have lived through the aftermath of 9/11. We have lived through a European default. We have lived through the toughest economic period in America since the Great Depression.

 Despite those obstacles (as well as others that you realize), we have grown and have gotten stronger. We are held in high regard by customers and by suppliers. We are respected by our competitors as formidable forces.

I am very proud of the company we’ve become. We’ve only achieved our reputation because of your considerable commitment.

My memories and experiences of these 12 years are rich. I hope to add to the pile for years to come.  I am grateful for your partnership. I am deeply honored to be called the leader of this significant organization.

As the weekend winds down, I hope you can reflect on your contribution to our progress and experience a swell of satisfaction.