How well do you receive constructive feedback?

Some folks act poorly to feedback.  You know the picture.  They sulk.  They retreat.  They deny.  They dispute.  All of those behaviors border on the defensive.  At some point, you get a reputation for being “uncoachable.”  Colleagues withhold feedback because they don’t believe it helps matters.

I heard about the concept of “second score” recently.  Here’s the idea.  When one receives feedback about a shortfall or needed correction, how well do you respond?  The “first score” or grade was low.  Do you take the feedback received and act quickly to make the “second score” better?

I can remember a time in my life when my boss let me know I was falling short.  The feedback was simple.  “You’re not having the impact we need.  You don’t seem to have a plan.  We need better from you.”

Honestly, the feedback caught me off guard.  I thought I was turning in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay.  I have a competitive nature.  I didn’t like learning that I was falling short.

As I reflected upon the feedback, I realized the truth of it.  I devised a plan.  Write it down.  Share it with my boss the next day.  Began to put it into action.  It changed the course of my career.

My “second score” changed the momentum of things.

I didn’t know about the concept of the “second score” back then, but when I heard it described, I immediately understood its validity.

You get a reputation for responding to criticism and feedback; you will have people continue to help you.  Be someone who produces a good “second score.”