I Love It When You Receive Responsibility With Joy

Here’s another insight I learned from Rescue House pastor Matt Hudson in Mocksville, NC at a leadership conference when he related 7 Things a Boss Wants to Say to You:

“I love it when you receive responsibility with joy.”

Last week, I shared Matt’s idea that “responsibility is a reward, not a right.” Using that logic, it would stand to reason that being named for an assignment that afforded additional responsibility would be joyful. But leaders don’t always experience.

Sometimes new responsibility evokes fear. The immediate concern arises about whether the new responsibility can be taken on with success being assured. No one wants to fail. New responsibility causes trepidation. Fear communicates reluctance.

Sometimes new responsibility evokes self-preservation. How will this new responsibility affect me? What will it cost? Will it move me out of my comfort zone? Self-preservation communicates hesitancy.

When conferring new responsibility on one, a boss isn’t worried about the assignment going undone. He sees an ability in you to take on greater things. Your contribution has inspired his trust. He does not think you aren’t enough. More so, he’s excited to see what you will do with it.

When conferring new responsibility, a boss wants to see enthusiasm and joy. Growth and change don’t occur dragging folks kicking and screaming into the future.