Identify Yourself As A Leader

I was asked recently how I developed leadership and motivational skills.

I’ll provide some answers in a HQ Note to follow, but it occurred to me how important the question was.

My first impulse was to deflect the question. Humility almost demands it. But, it wouldn’t be honest to do so.

Most people won’t self-report as a leader. You ask a group how many think they are leaders, they will sit on their hands.

Most think that stating you see yourself as a leader is arrogant. Thus, the reluctance to stick your hand in the air.

But, nothing great happens without leadership. We should all be on the path of becoming more effective at becoming a leader.

Leaders initiate action. You never know when you will be in a position where leadership is required. When those situations arise, you better be able to recognize who you should follow or prepare to be the one who selects the path to take.

Your life will be better if you develop leadership skills. Leaders with defined strategies and skills get better results. By trying on leadership methods and refining them, you improve with every effort.

The more you try and the more you improve, the more confidence you have to try bigger and greater things. It’s a virtuous circle that builds your capability.

So, do yourself a favor. Consider your approach to leadership. If you can’t describe your approach, endeavor to get some coaching. Begin the process of defining an approach. Put that leadership process to work every chance you can.

When you’re asked if you’re a leader, raise your hand. It is a step worth taking.