Intend Instead of Drifting

No one drifts into excellence.

I was listening to a sermon by Bill Hybels. The actual quote was, “No one drifts into holiness.” Holiness is a state that faithful religious followers seek. For God seekers, to be holy is better than being unholy. Hybels is stating that you won’t drift into the desired condition. Our nature is to drift away. You want to be holy, you have to intend it.

It caused me to think about how drifting works against everything good and meaningful.

You don’t drift into a good marriage.

You don’t drift into being an effective parent.

You don’t drift into good physical condition.

You don’t drift into safety.

You don’t drift into quality relationships.

Automatic pilot is the enemy to excellence. At home, at work and at play.

Go to automatic pilot in how you pursue life, you assure your results will get worse. Mediocrity or worse is on its way.

Don’t trust drift. Trust intention.