“Immediately.” – A word my pastor asked a group of us to consider recently. 

 We all use it.  But why should we or why would we be immediate?  What does it cost when we are not? 

 Immediate should not mean impulsive.  We should be contained enough to avoid knee-jerk responses to things. 

 Immediate should not mean reckless.  We should be aware of the circumstances and the risks before moving boldly ahead. 

 Being immediate is intentional.  It’s seeing something that needs to be done or said and doing it without delay. 

 Being immediate is courageous.  Frequently, we don’t respond immediately due to the hassles it might cause.  We resist immediately because it will take us off schedule.  It is a harder road.  It has risks.  We lack immediacy when we decline to act because it will be harder. 

Being immediate is urgent.  It’s moving quickly to solutions.  It’s taking action to improve. 

If you reflect on it, many of the things you come to regret are those where you should have acted more immediately.  And many of the things you cherish and remember are those where you took the bold step. 

What in your realm needs addressing – immediately?