You must be a model before you’re a role model.  

I like being known as a role model. Being aware that someone could be looking to me with the idea that my example would inspire a person to be better is humbling and causes me to want to be a better man.

So, the best role models are born by intention.  

You start with your values.  What do you believe at your core?  Everyone has a unique set of values.  It forms what you believe being a spouse and a parent.  It informs how you approach your work and your play.  It affects how you handle your money.  Your very behavior in terms of how you go about your business impacts your identity as a model.  

Through those values you develop a sense of right and wrong.  Again, your sense of right and wrong may be different than mine, but when you behave consistently in support of your values, it soon becomes apparent whether you will be one who inspires others to be better.  

People who aren’t intentional about how they intend to model life to others will usually fail to achieve role model status. To miss out on fulfilling role model status is to pass on one of the great opportunities for significance that anyone could have in a life’s work.  

Sharpen up your “model.” Be an influence.