Introducing Choices & Participation

I was at my post last night handing out Halloween candy.

My wife secures the candy.  She likes those variety bags with different choices.

My method for handing out candy is to put the tray out in front of each participant and let that person pick. Most kids left to their own choice took one piece, said thank you and moved on.

Here’s something I noticed.  A half dozen times during the course of the evening, a young person said to his/her chaperone: “He let us pick. He didn’t just give us what he wanted.”

Being an HR guy at my roots, it made an impression.  It reminded me of an eternal truth.  People like to have the ability to choose.

Choices empower.  When you have a say in how things are done, what order, when. It causes people to invest.  For the little kids who were out getting candy in my neighborhood last night, my house turned out to be favorite stop because they were permitted to choose.

So, when you lead, whether as a parent, a supervisor, a teacher or a coach, you may be more effective if you are intentional about introducing choice and participation with those you are leading.  Choice builds investment.  Make it a regular part of your agenda.