It Doesn’t Just Happen. You Got To Make It Happen

“It doesn’t just happen. You got to make it happen.”

Most constructive things in a family, team or organization, happen on purpose. If you want constructive change, usually someone will have to take a step or propose an idea. Plans are important but taking a step toward the goal is essential. You can’t make progress if you are standing still.

So, here’s the question: What are you trying to make happen? Further, does your activity support your list?

Often we set goals and don’t support it with effort.

For instance, we state the goal of safety in our plants. We talk, but do we walk the talk?

Safety doesn’t happen. We have to make it happen.

We need to have to form the habits of safety in our everyday behavior.

We need to remind each other of safe activities.

We need to point out risks to new folks and remind each other of risks when we get sloppy.

We need to acknowledge actions that support safety, so teammates know they are appreciated.

We need to act safely. We need to speak safety to each other.

If we hope it happens without action, we will continue to have those accidents crop up.

Want to be safe. Bring some action to the effort. It won’t just happen.