It Happens To All Of Us

It happens to all of us.

We will be working on a team, and there will be someone who gets on your “last nerve.”

You want to go fast.  He wants to go slow.

You want to decide.  He wants to discuss and study a bit more.

You want to get down to business.  He wants to spend some time talking about the game last night.

You are fast and loose.  They are meticulous about following the rules.

Or vice versa.

We have been and will be doing some training that helps us understand those dynamics.  It turns out that not everyone sees things the same that you do.  Each person is wired differently.  We are born that way.

For many years, I assumed everyone was more like me than different from me.  When I learned about the unique wiring that we have, I changed assumptions.

I learned that if I assumed most people didn’t see things like me, I would be more enlightened.  Assuming that they were different from me put me on a mission to understand those differences.  The more I understood the differences; the less frustrated those differences left me.  We I began to improve as a teammate and a leader when I understood this better.

As we introduce this training to you, I recommend you take it to heart and begin to employ what you learn.  You will be astonished at the progress you make.