Keeping up with pace of change in today’s world is a challenge.

Keeping up with pace of change in today’s world is a challenge. If you don’t work at it, it will pass you by.

Here are six strategies for keeping your mind sharp to engage in the world of change:

  1. Read books

I was blessed to be raised to read. Many are not these days. Books are a constant source of stimulation. I get many new ideas from reading. And, new strategies for meeting the challenges. Reading is a priority.

  1. On line resources

Podcasts, TED Talks, courses from university. The breadth and depth of educational resources grows each day. You can learn anything you want. Much of it free.

  1. Time to think

Shut off the television sometime. Put down the game console. Don’t respond to  your phone. Rest your mind. Pray. Meditate. Reflect. Creativity lurks in the recesses of your brain. Ideas and solutions are waiting for a break in the traffic. Give them an opening. Take time to think.

  1. Mentors

Who understands you? Who teaches you? Prods you? Encourages boldness? Opens up doors for you? Who do you trust?  Learners have mentors in their network. They are valuable inspiration.

  1. Travel

Get out and see something new and different. See how other people live. Travel can be expensive but you shouldn’t let money limit you. You can travel across town and work in a homeless shelter. You go volunteer in a school. If it’s not somewhere you’ve been before, you’re traveling.

  1. Physical Activity

Get off the couch. Put some outside activity in your schedule. Physical activity cleans the carburetor.

The changing world likely will feel like a battlefield at times. Need to be “battle ready”.