Keys To Success In Your Job

Welcome aboard new teammate.  We’re glad you’re here.

This is a challenging job.  The work is outdoors and can be more physical then you are used to doing.  I hear that many people in their first days here discover muscles they didn’t know they had.

But I think you will find us a little different than most employers in our field.

We look for folks who want and need a chance.  The slate is clean.  Street smarts matter to us.  If you are willing to learn.  Willing to grow.  Willing to improve.  You should be able to get ahead.

Here are some keys to be successful:

  1. Show up.  Be at work a few minutes early.  Come every day.  Proving you’re reliable will set you apart.
  1. Be safe.  Our plants are busy.  Many moving parts.  Learn before you leap.  Don’t do anything you’re not certain about.  Ask us to show you how.
  2. Pitch in.  Do the things you can do to help.  Pick up a broom.  Help others who are laboring.  No job is too small.  Being useful in the “less” important tasks will get you selected for “more” things as you move along.  Careers are years long.  Don’t let today’s assignments impact your long-term thinking.
  3. Figure out who your “customer” is.  No matter who you are or where you work, you wouldn’t be hired if you weren’t intended to make someone’s life go better.  If you always keep that in mind and try to get better at it every day, you won’t fail.

So, welcome aboard! Hope you learn.  Hope you grow!  Hope you find a great place to work.