Know your number

Most of us work in production jobs.

When we get to work in the morning, our responsibility is to achieve a certain “number.” How many pallets we build, how much lumber we treat, how many loads we ship- all of those numbers matter.

In some way, those numbers build into the amount we charge our customer. The more of us who hit our “number” every day, the better our success.

If you are a “pro,” you care about this number.

You “know” your number. Hopefully, hitting your number provides some satisfaction as you head home every day.

Hopefully, you hit your number consistently. The real “pro” distinguishes himself by delivering results every day. The real “pro” distances himself by delivering every day.

Finally, the “pro” works diligently to improve on the number. Setting new records matter. Knowing your process well and working to refine it to achieve better results sets you apart.

Know your number. Deliver your number. Improve your number.