Lead with Courage and Focus

I am a Twitter fan. I use it to identify talented bloggers, writers and creators of other intellectual content. To use Twitter, you open an account and begin to look for people who you admire and enjoy reading. You follow them. Most of them share new content as they come up with it. I find I read Twitter like I used to read the morning paper. The difference is that I become my own editor. I choose the news and opinions that are fit to read.

The CEO of Twitter is Dick Costolo. I was watching him on television and he was describing his job. He said the key thing for him as a leader is to balance between courage and focus.

According to Costolo, it takes courage to try new things for the good of the company. It is always easier to maintain status quo. It is always easier to say “what is” is good enough. So, he sees it as a function of his leadership to inspire the company to take new steps into the future.

But, the balance comes from the discipline of execution. Once you determine what it is you will do and what it is you will try, it is essential for the leader to draw the team to focus on the course at hand.

The leader has to challenge the status quo with courage. She must lead execution with discipline and focus.