Leaders are Good, Giving and Game

I heard it said recently that a leader must be “good, giving and game.”

I tell people that every situation I walk in to, I’m looking for leadership or to provide leadership.

I’m always glad to discover leadership. That means that the situation doesn’t need me. I can follow along.

This quote says that leaders are good: They are competent. They have a certainty about what they are trying to accomplish. They have skill at communicating the goals. The team actively works toward a goal. It inspires participation.

Leaders give: They are generous. They trust. They listen. They have respect. They understand that they reap what they sow. Give trust, you receive it. Give respect, you receive it back. Give credit, the team doubles their efforts.

Leaders are game: They believe in risk. They try new things. They set ambitious goals. They approach competition with zeal. They inspire confidence and growth in their team.

These three factors are central to effective leadership. How do you measure up?