Leaders Must Demonstrate Care While Demanding Results

“Leadership is about the way we treat each other while getting results.”

This quote resonated with me because it captures in a sentence the tension we manage as leaders.

To be results oriented, a leader must demand outcomes. Those demands might involve asking and pushing one to places he wouldn’t go by himself. Those demands may mean constructive criticism. It may mean expressing disappointment. It may mean energized conversation. It may mean courageous communication that checks attitudes and motives.

To build for the expectation of results, a leader must have “equity” with the colleague. To be able to criticize, you must have a record of teaching. To express disappointment, you must have a record of encouragement. To demand more effort, you must have a record of commitment to the person and a record of goal achievement. Tough conversations require a record of dignified, caring communication.

Demanding and achieving results are essential to success. But, to do that without demonstrating care and concern will make your leadership empty. In fact, it won’t exist.